Indoprix Underbone 2010


Denny Triyugo didn't luck in Indoprix series, which was held at the circuit Kenjeran Park, Surabaya (24/09).

In round 3 SIKC, Denny able to managed and collect the most points at the IP 125cc. But in round fourth was drag Denny down. It was bad day for Denny, 3 races in 2 class, must ended with DNF.

Lucky Denny could save the podium position, at second race IP 125cc. So Danny get extra points with 141 points bit different with Florianus Roy who has collected 129 points as the runner up.

Again in IP 115cc, Denny failed to finish in race one and second. Denny was shifted to fourth position, with 91 points in the IP 115cc class. While Florianus Roy who manages to appear both in Kenjeran Park Circuit series, was in first position. Roy fetched the queue with 122 points, mean while Denny with 91 points.

The final Indoprix 2010 series will be execute at Binuang Circuit, in South Kalimantan (21/11). Which is becoming a home race for the young riders Yudhistira. The one very familiar with Binuang Circuit.

Denny had to work hard to conquer Florianus Roy, and Yudhishthira at Circuit Binuang. Of course to achive his National Title this year. Reminding last year's Denny have lost the opportunity to taked a National Championship 2009 in IP 125cc.

The incident at the Circuit Kenjeran Park is not expected, of the 4 races which are held, 3 races I failed to finish. The engine have many problems, all of this unexpected. During the practice and qualifying rounds just good. The mechanics and I've worked hard. I hope this hard work paid off in the final series,' declared Denny at his birthday celebrating.

Fast Duck A.K.A Hokky Krisdianto also found bad luck it the Kenjeran Park races at IP 115cc and IP 125cc. Hokky also experienced with engine problem. At first race IP 115cc and IP 125cc, Hokky did not get the point coffers.

Currently Hokky is in sequence 4 for IP 115cc, and 5 for IP 125cc. Hokky didn't get a good acquisition this year. Because it is some of the problems that have plagued him since early IP series was held. 'At the first start I can rode well, so I can lead the race. But when me going into the corner suddenly i lost the engine power. I'm trying to survive to continue the race, But this condition was impossible, I think to take the risk, to continue the race. But it will be dangerous for another riders. For that I think to ended the race. " said Hokky.

Rider Championship IP 110cc (Top Ten)
1#92/Florianus Roy/TDR FDR Federal Oil NHK Yonk Jaya/Yamaha/122
2#33/Yudhistira/HRVRT BGM HBM IRC/Yamaha/112
3#63/Sigit PD/TDR FDR Federal Oil NHK Yonk Jaya/Yamaha/96
4#2/Denny Triyugo/Top 1 FDR/Yamaha/91
5#57/Hokky Krisdianto/Top 1 FDR/Yamaha/82

6#26/M Nurgianto/Banten NHK FDR/Honda/76
7#50/Rafid Topan/Yamalube KYT Tunggal Jaya/Yamaha/57
8#75/Irwan Ardiansyah/Yamalube KYT Tunggal Jaya/Yamaha/46
9#21/Owi Nurhuda/Banten NHK FDR/Honda/46
10#30/Achmad Kohar/Top 1 BRT SHC IRC Chia Felix/42

Rider Championship 125cc (Top Ten)
1#2/Denny Triyugo/Top 1 FDR/Yamaha/141
2#92/Florianus Roy/TDR FDR Federal Oil NHK Yonk Jaya/Yamaha/129
3#12/Hadi Wijaya/IRC NHK Rextor Manual Tech/Kawasaki/83
4#26/M Nurgianto/Banten NHK FDR/Honda/81
5#33/Yudhistira/HRVRT BGM HBM IRC/Yamaha/64
6#75/Irwan Ardiansyah/Yamalube KYT Tunggal Jaya/Yamaha/58
7#57/Hokky Krisdianto/Top 1 FDR/Yamaha/57
8#93/Fitriansyah Kete/Kephot Lanay Jaya Indopart Federal Oil FDR/53
9#27/Harlan Fadhillah/IRC AHRS KYT Racing Team/Suzuki/36
10#193/Diaz Kumoro Djati/Kephot Lanay Jaya Indopart Federal Oil FDR/35

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