Yamaha Cup Race 2010 - National

Yamaha Cup Race, Round 1 Karawang-West Java 2010

On March 28th 2010 is the first time Star Racing back in action with new livery in “Yamaha Cup Race” Dawuan Circuit Karawang, Jawa Barat. For the 2010 competition, Hokky Krisdianto A.K.A ‘Fast Duck’ and Denny Triyugo still exist on underbone 110 cc, and 125 cc.


The race has been arranging in impermanent circuit, with double straight track. Unfortunately the circuit condition is not to good for motorcycle race, the surface is bumpy. With the combination of asphalt and concrete. Free practice and qualifying session held on March 27, both of the rider are very exciting to do this first race as a ‘warm up’ to face Indoprix championship  in early April.


“This is a good practice for starting the 2010 season, consider that next week will be the first Indoprix 2010 race. So for this event, I will just treat it like a warming up. After I had a three month long off season. In this year I have new mechanics, so a good communication, and an information sharing should be done to guarantee for a successful races. During the qualifying session, I didn’t get a perfect set up for the bikes, it end up that I must start from 6th spoot for both classis in 110 cc, and 125 cc as well. I wish the bike set up will be better for race tomorrow,” Denny said.

“To face the race in Dawuan circuit we will need a very good engine perfomance, since character of the track is stop and go with two long straights. 3rd position in 110cc and 4th position in 125cc for the race tomorrow, was good enough for me. And I gonna try my best in race to win,” Hokky said.

MP 1-125 cc, Qualify Result
1#158/Anggi Permana Putra/Yamaha Yamalube FDR KYT Trijaya/47.895
2#193/Diaz Kumoro Djati/Yamaha Kephoth Lanay Jaya Indoparts/47.935
3#75/Irwan Ardiansyah/Yamaha Yamalube KYT Tunggal Jaya/48.055
4#57/Hokky Krisdianto/Yamaha Top 1 FDR Star Racing/48.124
5#93/Fitriansyah Kete/Yamaha Lanay Jaya FO Indoparts/48.154
6#2/Denny Triyugo/Yamaha Top 1 FDR Star Racing/48.380
7#92/Florianus Roy/Yamaha TDR FDR NHK Federal Oil/48.389
8#111/Ardhy Satya Sadarma/Yamaha Kephot FO FDR KYT Indoparts/48.587
9#20/Feizy Juniardith/IRC NHK Zhipeng Straight Racing/48.593
10#67/Irfan Chupenk/Asia Techno ES 2 Tangerang/48.662

MP 2-110 cc, Qualify Result
1#92/Florianus Roy/Yamaha TDR FDR NHK Federal Oil/48.569
2#158/Anggi Permana Putra/Yamaha Yamalube FDR KYT Trijaya/48.824
3#57/Hokky Krisdianto/Yamaha Top 1 FDR Star Racing/49.133
4#67/Irfan Chupenk/Asia Techno ES 2 Tangerang/49.142
5#93/Fitriansyah Kete/Yamaha Lanay Jaya FO Indoparts/49.144
6#2/Denny Triyugo/Yamaha Top 1 FDR Star Racing/49.269
7#20/Feizy Juniardith/IRC NHK Zhipeng Straight Racing/49.391
8#68/Adi Ari Wibowo/K1 Budi Luhur Mizzel/49.440
9#Gilang Pranata Sukma/FDR IRM Radiatama/49.482
10#78/Teguh Nugroho/Yamaha TDR FDR NHK Federal Oil/49.491